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Axle, brakes, wings, tires, chucks, lights, couplings, lock, spring, rim, hub, cylinder, electrical system, trailer, suspension, chassis, winch, alarm

Do you pull a trailer with your vehicle?

Read these tips to get around safely, as you pull a trailer for your business or leisure activities. Check the mechanical condition of your vehicle and trailer Make sure that the tow vehicle and trailer are in good mechanical condition, as well as the lighting and signaling system, and that all parts of the trailer have been recently checked. Observe the load and towing capacity of your vehicle The load and towing capacity of your vehicle must be sufficient for what you want to carry out. The weight of the occupants, luggage and the load transmitted by the trailer on the tackle device must be less than the load capacity of the vehicle.

The best trailer repairs

This site of online sale of trailer part of the manufacturer BGS Construction that has been manufacturing custom trailers for more than 10 years in Quebec allows you to order online your trailer part (parts trailer) to manufacture or repair your Trailers of all kinds online easily. Use the menu on the left to select the type of trailer part you need or you can choose your parts in the Catalog and contact us by e-mail for any questions or know the prices because not all parts are Not yet on the website.

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